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hello, soon it will be halloween. here's a short list of things that your and my lily-white asses should not do:


-dia de les muertos makeup. just don’t. i don’t care how cool you think sugar skulls are

-black face. this includes fake big butts, gold teeth, etc, not JUST black makeup on your face but for fuck’s sake don’t do that

-yellow face. this includes kimonos and geisha makeup, good lord, be smart

Probably gonna get a ton of hate for my opinion about this but honestly if you wanna dress up for Halloween and you wear something from someone else culture I really don’t see a problem with it if you’re doing it in a respectful way if you honestly are fascinated by someones culture that you wanna dress up like that person that’s hella cool I love seeing beautiful sugar skulls and geisha makeup that’s awesome but don’t be an asshole and be disrespectful towards that culture 

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"So just coast with me."